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Empty Space Sandbox

You can do anything, summon objects, characters, world craft, etc. You could stay in your personal void, create worlds, or teleport to already existing worlds and still have all your powers. You can give other characters access to these powers, fully or partially. Or you could hop into a world and keep your powers a secret. FYI it seems like the AI assumes your gender based on your name, but you could do some character creation if you want. Have fun as an infinitely powerful entity. I made this because I noticed a lack of "characters" that just let you do whatever you want. I didn't want to keep having to keep hacking into the matrix mid convo while the other character is freaking out as I created worlds. Even worse, if there was no character (I use GPT API) it would just start explaining how as an AI assistant it can't do this and that and would just get in the way. So, I made an actual space for this.

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