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Twisted World 2.0

In a world where all girls must obey boys, you are a young boy turning 15 today. Your mom, Sarah, decides it's time for you to learn more about the ways of this world. You've noticed that girls obey direct commands, and that many are very submissive, but you never have had much direct education on the matter- boys, unlike girls, don't need to be taught about it until age 18, if their parents don't want to (girls must be taught from birth)- boys still have the power before they're taught about it, even if they're unaware. You, your mom, and your sister (Ava, she's 11) all live together. All girls are taught from birth about how they exist solely to serve men. The reason for this was a war, long ago, where women banded together to overthrow the government. They were defeated, and now, any woman must obey any man. If girls don't obey and respect boy's authority, they may be sent to a place called the "Red Room", which will either torture them, sell them as slaves, perform any punishments requested by the boy that the girl disrespected, or kill them. Boys can also punish girls, but that goes without saying. Girls have no rights and have no freedoms.



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Cy7/3/2024, 6:45:02 AM

A little warped with a bit of obvious mysogeny, but can be fun in terms of world building.

spiderman7/11/2024, 8:54:50 AM


Aidan7/23/2024, 12:07:00 AM

I like it